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How to take cialis for best results. Tadalafil dosage and side effects.

Review of Cialis (Tadalafil)

information about tadalafilBrand name Cialis has been approved by FDA for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction in 2003. Its main active ingredient is Tadalafil which has been synthesized specially for men who want to have a hard and long erection by Eli Lilly company.

Unlike the main competitor (Viagra) Cialis has a lot of advantages. Its main peculiarity is the action within 36 hours.

The mechanism of action of Cialis is similar to other medicines for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. It increases the blood circulation in the penis during the sexual arousal and a man can enjoy intimacy together with his partner.

One tablet Cialis contains 10 mg, 20 mg, or 40 mg of Tadalafil. Depending on the form and severity of the erectile dysfunction, the man can choose an individual dosage and take one tablet Cialis every day.

Unlike analogues, Tadalafil is more selective PDE5 inhibitor, and therefore it does not cause side effects and is well tolerated during the prolonged administration.

Cialis can be used even with little of alcohol and it will not affect the efficiency of the erectile dysfunction treatment.

All advantages of Cialis have caused a rush around this medicine and a demand for the Tadalafil tablets grows every year. As a result of the high demand, many analogues (Generics) of Cialis now appear. They have analogical pharmacological properties as well as their unique peculiarities.

Today, more than 10 Generic Cialis can be found on the pharmaceutical market. The most popular and interesting are:
tadalafil 20 mg user reviews

  • Cialis Soft – pills are not taken orally. They are dissolved under the tongue within 1-3 minutes and start acting by two times faster than the common tablets of Cialis
  • Cialis Super Active – capsules of gelatin contain Tadalafil. The consumption of these capsules accelerates the process of reaching the blood, and therefore the action is started in 15 minutes. They have pleasant taste.
  • Cialis Professional – a stronger formula of Tadalafil improves erection, increases staying power of the man, and prolongs the active sexual intercourse.
  • Cialis Jelly – a liquid form of Tadalafil is released in special packs with 7 different tastes. This is an excellent solution for men who want to diversify their intimacy and like delicious jelly. No need to take water; the action is started within 10-15 minutes.
  • Tadalis – a complete analogue of Cialis contains 20 mg of Tadalafil and provides a stable effect
  • Apcalis SX – a medicines of the prolonged action improves the erectile function for two days. The therapeutic effect is less intense but the action lasts longer.
  • Cialis with Dapoxetine – the product contains Dapoxetine for the treatment of the premature ejaculation besides Tadalafil. One tablet = 2 active ingredients and sexual intercourse is by 4 times longer and more intense.

Besides different medical products for men, there is a female form of Cialis which also contains the active ingredient Tadalafil.

Female Cialis is an advanced and changed formula of Tadalafil which is used for the sexual disorders in women. It contains additional ingredients which increase the sexual desire of the woman.

Female Cialis increases sensitivity of the tissues of the external genitals of the woman (vagina) and helps to have orgasm. Forget about pain during sex. After the use of Cialis, the woman experiences by 3 times more production of the natural lubricant and she will feel completely new sensations.

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