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Raymond, 51 y.o, QuebecRaymond
I always take Cialis Extra Dosage and divide into 4 pieces. Briefly, the effect is Superb! But you’ll have to spend some time picking up the right dosage and timing. Thus, I take a quarter 45 minutes prior to having sex, as in me it takes longer time to develop. No worries about side effects, again, as for me, this is nothing but normal reaction of the body to a new substance. At least the negative effects passed away with time.

Alexander, 48 y.o, WinnipegAlexander
Cialis Soft works perfectly, the effect you will hardly be disappointed with. However, keep on using the drug cautiously – frequent intakes may lead to a less pronounced effect.

Paul, 35 y.o, StuttgartPaul
Despite the fact that I never collided with erection problems, a pill of Tadacip before sex makes a night absolutely special. Totally recommended.

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In our city Viagra costs $30 per tablet, which is a crazy price indeed. Fortunately, generics came to the rescue. I’m turning 52 in December, and pills help me to stay in business – the affordable price is something I pay close attention to, so Cialis Professional is my choice.

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Generic Viagra and Cialis Jelly are my favorites, relatively slow and extremely quick effects, developed within 20-40 minutes sufficient for up to 5 hours of sex never leave me indifferent.

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It was my first Tadalis SX experience (after all, it was a cheaper option and promised a slightly different effect). The results were pleasing enough, though it was very close to one demonstrated by Cialis. Satisfied with the purchase anyway.

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