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Neurological and physiological ED

tadalafil over the counterErectile dysfunction prevents to have erection for the sexual intercourse. It can be a temporal loss of erection, or chronic disease. This pathology is well studied which is a part of the dysfunctions in the body.

According to the medical researches, the erectile dysfunction is not an independent disease. The erection worsening is often related to the pathologic disorders of the central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Neurological erectile dysfunction

Neurological diseases are one of the most common causes of impotence. Erection is maintained by the autonomic nervous reflex which is formed in the field of the spinal cord and is transmitted to the penis through the central nervous system.

The neurological causes of impotence often appear in adult/old men, or in case of serious neurological traumas.

The sexual dysfunction during the affections of the spinal cord are well studied. Usually, the man has a spontaneous and short erection because of the poor formation of the autonomic nervous reflex in the area of the spinal cord.

Moreover, the neurological erectile dysfunction includes the following diseases:

  • Autonomic neuropathy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Disorder of cerebral circulation
  • Brain Tumor
  • Parkinson’s disease

During all these diseases, the disorder of the sexual system is related to the disorder of the impulse transmission in the central nervous system. These impulses can reach the area of the small pelvis but they will cause a weak and short erection.

tadalafil pills informationIn case of the neurological erectile dysfunction, a cause can be easily indicated. A medical examination will be enough in order to find a pathology in the body and start treating it.

After complete elimination of the neurological disorder, the erectile function is restored.

In order to increase the blood filling of the penis tissues during the weak neural impulses, Cialis can be used. It does not restore the work of the central nervous system but it may be an additional stimulant for the blood vessels increasing more blood in the penis.

Psychological erectile dysfunction

The most common cause of the erectile dysfunction is psychological disorders. It does not mean that a man is mentally sick. Even a common stress or emotional frustration can have a negative influence on the work of the male sexual function.

Depression, high fatigue, thoughts about work, personal problems can cause low erection even during strong sexual arousal.

A reflex coming to the penis will be created in the spinal cord but this impulse will not gain its final target because of the poor neuromuscular link.

The erectile dysfunction can occur even because of the sexual ignorance. A man can be shy, or may have a fear before his partner, or he has already had a bad experience in the bad and he is afraid to disappoint a partner.

The biggest problem of the psychological ED is the increased fear after the first bad experience, and it makes the man to lose confidence. As a result, the symptoms of the erectile dysfunction become stronger, and the man loses an ability to have erection at all and is afraid of women.

To treat the psychological ED a help of psychotherapist or sexologist is needed. The sue of the election stimulants such as Cialis will improve the confidence and get rid of fear.

Even if you have a bad experience with women, do not go into shell. Take Cialis before every sexual intercourse and you will be surprised how this medicines effectively helps to improve the erectile function.

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