Generic Cialis (Tadalafil 20/40 mg) by Ajanta. Uses, Dosage and Side Effects.
How to take cialis for best results. Tadalafil dosage and side effects.

Main ED Causes and Available Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem saved by men, and it’s their inability to get and keep erections firm enough for sexual activity. This condition causes a lot of stress, affects relationships and ruins self-confidence. If you have erectile problems, talk to doctors, because you may need to treat underlying conditions or use effective treatments.

Main Causes of ED

Men’s sexual arousal is a complex matter that involves emotions, hormones, muscle, nerves, brain and blood vessels, so male impotence can result from problems with any of these. Besides, mental issues and stress can worsen or cause erectile dysfunction, or it can be caused by a combination of both psychological and physical issues. The latter ones include:tadalafil over the counter

  • Clogged blood vessels;
  • Hypertension;
  • High blood cholesterol levels;
  • Obesity;
  • Heart diseases;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Alcoholism or tobacco use;
  • Specific injuries and medications.

Psychological Causes of Male Impotence

The brain plays an important role in triggering a number of physical events that result in strong and lasting erections, starting with feeling sexually excited. There are many things that may interfere with sexual responses and worsen or cause erection problems, including:

  • Regular stress;
  • Anxiety, depression or other mental conditions;
  • Relationships problems caused by poor communication, stress and other concerns.

Besides, certain risk factors contribute to developing male impotence, such as aging and different psychological conditions. Having sexual problems contributes to certain complications, including:

  • Relationship problems;
  • Unsatisfactory sexual performance and life;
  • Low self-esteem and feeling embarrassed;
  • Increased anxiety and stress.

The above-mentioned psychological causes are common in a fast-paced modern life, so all men are exposed to the risk of experiencing erectile problems from time to time. The good news is that erectile dysfunction can be easily treated, thanks to effective PDE-5 inhibitors.

Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

tadalafil pills informationThe first thing that all doctors do is ensuring that their patients get the most effective and suitable ED treatment and underlying conditions that may worsen or cause erection problems. It’s possible to choose from different treatment options, but your choice is based on severity and causes of male impotence or presence of underlying risk factors. Discuss the benefits and risk of each available ED treatment with your physician to make a more informed decision. Sometimes, the preferences of your partner may also matter.

Oral medications are widely recognized as successful and proven treatment options for many men with erectile dysfunction. The most popular and effective ones include:

  • Sildenafil;
  • Vardenafil;
  • Tadalafil.

They all work by enhancing the effect of nitric oxide in the human body. It’s a natural chemical that plays an important role in male impotence, because it relaxes penile muscles, thus, increasing the blood flow in a penis and allowing men to get lasting and firm erections in response to sexual stimulation. All you need to do to solve erectile problems is take one pill about 30-45 minutes before your planned sexual intercourse and be sexually aroused.